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  • Do you only provide these workshops the way the title is noted in the description?
    There is always room for creativity! If there is a workshop that seems similar but not exact to your desired needs, feel free to reach out to discuss the details.
  • Do you offer these workshops and speaking engagements virtually or in-person?
    Both! Workshops and speaking engagements are tailored to meet your individual needs. We will work with you to discuss what the best option is based on your anticipated event goals.
  • Do you offer resources?
    Yes! To ensure sustainability and implementation, you will be provided with go-to resources for ongoing learning and support.
  • I’m not sure what workshop or speaking engagement is right for me. Can you assist with this?
    Absolutely! We can work together to determine which option is the best fit for you or your team.
  • What is the difference between a one-time workshop and workshop series?
    A one-time workshop will provide you with one workshop in the area of your choice whereas a series is an ongoing curriculum.
  • I'd like to work with you but I'm not sure which offering is right for me...
    Not sure where to start? Begin with the BLOOM Body Scan. Join me one-on-one, as I guide you through a gentle somatic (relating to the body) experiencing session. Learn more about how to reduce stress and anxiety, gain self-awareness, and get grounded quickly! You will walk away feeling lighter, brighter, and more confident. The Bloom Body Scan is perfect for you if… You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and simply don’t know what to do Feel foggy, disconnected, or scattered Don’t have the time to care for YOU because you’re busy doing everything else You have a body!
  • Who do you usually work with?
    My clients have made a committed decision to make long-lasting and impactful changes to better their lives. They are women who have decided to STOP getting in their own way and start taking steps to live a fulfilling and joyful life. Although I typically work with women, all humans are welcome!
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. I do not accept insurance. Remember that wellness coaching is specific to YOU. It is an opportunity to get to the nitty gritty of your needs and that takes time, heart, soul and tons of effort to make this happen. Consider this, “energy is currency”!
  • Where are you located? Do you work with people anywhere in the world?
    Yes! Although I am located in New York, my offerings are available online, so really, it’s like I’m your next-door neighbor- with the consideration of time zones of course!
  • How long do we work together?
    Each offering is a 3-month commitment and there are options to continue working together, ongoing.
  • What if I find myself constantly viewing your website and have made the decision that I’m ready to start?
    Reach out! Fill out the form for the offering you're interested in. We’ll get to know each other by hopping on a call together to ensure we’re both a good fit for your prospective needs. The rest is magic!
  • What if I’m seeing a mental health provider- can I still receive coaching with you?
    Yes! Although I have a background in psychotherapy, in our work together, we are not following a therapy model and there are no mental health diagnoses involved. Here, we have the flexibility to make this process tailored to your needs while focusing on the goals you hope to achieve.
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