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The Gift of Pausing

It’s that time of year y'all!

Chances are you’re hustlin’ and bustlin’, preparing for the holidays and running around like a chicken without a head… (where did that saying come from anyway?!)...anywhooo

I recently shared on an Instagram post about choosing when and WHY we say “Yes” to something. Often we might catch ourselves agreeing to plans, circumstances or obligations. Saying “yes” in this way takes away from the intention behind the reason we agreed to something in the first place.

Although holidays are a wonderful time to catch up on old times and celebrate with loved ones, let’s remember the reality..holidays are also hard!

You might be experiencing stress, anxiety and sadness. Whether you’re grieving a loss (someone or something) or are worried about making things happen with the pressures that come along with this time of year…it’s important to take a moment of pause. Heck, take more than one moment if you need it! Breathe and regroup!

Release the strain of the holiday game and truly meet yourself where you need to be. Always listen to the intention behind the “Why” when you commit to something and honor that…no matter what!

You might feel guilty or worried about what others think- let’s toss that thought aside and stay true to yourself.

Sending you love, light, ease and continued abundance now and always!




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