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My FIRST SOLO International Trip!

It was terrifying!

The feeling of going somewhere and not knowing what to expect, with whom, or what it would look like was one of the scariest things to wrap my head around. I honestly didn't think I processed it fully until I found myself on the airplane, masked up (sigh, COVID times), tightly gripping my feet around my under-seat carry-on waiting for takeoff. It was a rush of excitement and adrenaline all at the same time, but in the back of my mind- it felt right!

When I landed, I breathed in this minty, crisp air and knew- this is exactly where I am supposed to be! My journey to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala became my sacred space, a home away from home. I went with the intention to complete a prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher training. Instead, I gained a new circle of sisters, healing, love, magic, a deeper appreciation for the elements, a connection to my ancestors and spirit guides, and most importantly a deeper connection to myself! My creativity was flowing in a way that I had never imagined.

I spent two weeks on a compost farm surrounded by an abundance of greenery, with the smells of cacao and fresh fruits in the air. Barefoot and away from all electronics, I fell in love with the gifts that the earth (or Pachamama) wanted to share. The Wild woman inside of me was being unleashed and it felt so liberating not to have to hold back, to not feel restricted or ask for permission. It was primal, real, and intense in all the best ways possible. There was something so magical and healing about being in this vortex. I knew that this newfound energy was the start of something bigger.

I took RISKS which was very different for someone who tries her best to “play it safe”. I learned that on the other side of fear are magic and opportunity. I learned that Exposure creates curiosity and allows that window of opportunity to be flung wide TF open!

I chose not to own the fears and worries of others about this solo trip and LIVE. See, what happens is that fear holds us back from experiencing life. We don’t truly know what’s on the other side and there’s something magical about that uncertainty. It’s like surrendering to the universe and shouting from the rooftops, “I’m ready... show me what you got!” Trust me, it will listen and it will provide if you have faith!

To the woman who would never in a million years travel alone or who might be scared to take risks (‘cause that was me once), this one’s for you!



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