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Growth Happens When You Hear “NO”!!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This was such a foreign concept to me at first! I would get all in my feels when I heard the word “No” as a response to something that I truly had my heart set on. Perhaps it was the only child in me (we’re not all spoiled-okay?!) or maybe it was my pride? The audacity!

One of the most memorable “no’s” I heard was when I started teaching yoga in studios once yoga studios reopened after the peak of our global pandemic. I landed a gig where I was able to teach in my community and share my unique style with the world (or at least that’s how it played out in my head). It was the perfect scenario especially because access to yoga was not necessarily a common thing- it felt more like a luxury where I grew up.

I had this vision of catering my yoga classes to women of color and the idea around prenatal and postnatal support started to become alive. I thought to myself “What if I can host these magical sessions with women who look like me in my community and create a safe haven where we come together and share connection and space??” Mind blown!

I pitched this idea to the studio owner who was also a woman of color and I thought “of course she's going to be on board- how can she not”? This was an opportunity of a lifetime.

I knew she would be on board or at least I felt that she would. Guess what? Her answer to my proposal NO! I was in shock, utter disbelief (Like literally my jaw dropped and heart sank).

I was so passionate about this idea and knew in my heart it was going to be a success. What made this experience so hurtful was that she used my experience level as a “new” yoga teacher as an excuse to quickly shut down my dreams. She also had a tendency to say my name often after each sentence which felt super condescending and made my eye twitch. Can anyone relate?

I was so sad about this rejection but then something magical started to happen- snotty tissue in hand, I started to think about the “what if’s” What if I created my OWN space where my dream of sisterhood connection combined with movement actually happened? What if I started my own yoga classes that catered to the community I wanted to serve without having to ask for permission. What if I can work with other women who just wanted to feel safe in their bodies?

Even scarier- what if people were drawn to this idea and actually came to my classes (imposter syndrome again)??

This tiny thought planted the seed (and little seeds thereafter) to take steps necessary to do my OWN thing.

The beauty of it you ask? No permission needed, my creativity was on high and this idea of ‘rules’ went out the window. Scared and all, I started to research and had the ability to tune into the vision I saw for myself, SO freakin’ clearly!

This was over a year ago and here we are, one business later and celebrating the birth of Embody Lotus & Bloom.

The takeaway here is that you ARE going to hear “NO” and you will hear it, several times! But before you panic, take a deep breath and consider these steps:

Step 1: Expect to hear “NO”... expect to be rejected. This expectation takes the anxiety and worry out of the “what if” potentials you create in your mind. Remember that you have to create your own “yes” if the opportunity doesn’t yet exist.

Step 2: Accept the challenge- Dig into your passion and use it as motivation to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish. Ask yourself, What is “that thing” that drives you?

Step 3: Do your research! Listen to an audiobook, a podcast, read a blog (oh, hello there :) on something you’re hoping to learn/do and put it into practice. See what’s out there and how it’s being presented. What unique flair do you bring to the table?

Step 4: Execute! Make it happen. Start somewhere. This, my friends, does not need to look or be perfect. I learned this along the way- the journey is messy, but it’s part of the process to get to where you want to be. Stop waiting, Your time is NOW!

Feet on the ground that says NO



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